Manatee Scooters is proud to be the exclusive place in Manatee County to get your hands on Wolf Brand Scooters.  Wolf is an excellent local distributor for quality scooters at affordable prices based out of Clearwater. What this means for you is that if we don’t have a model in stock or a color you want, we can generally get one here and ready for you to scoot away as soon as the next day.  If anything should ever happen requiring service, you will also never have to wait weeks for replacement parts like other manufactures out there.  This next day availability is one of the main reasons we chose to do business with Wolf.  What other reasons you may ask?

Wolf has an excellent 1 year engine / transmission warranty and 6 months limited warranty for other parts.  They have a quality control team that visits the actual factories the scooters are assembled in regularly.  There is no recycled plastic and no recycled copper wiring in any Wolf scooter.  You will find that a lot of the budget scooters out there have brittle plastic that cracks easily after being in the sun due to recycled plastics, especially in Florida.  Most of the electrical problems budget scooters are plagued with are due to recycled copper wiring.   All of our models come with quality aluminum alloy rims, most of which are low profile 12 inchers.  You won’t find any cheap metal wheels on any Wolf Brand Scooters.  These are some of the main reasons you will truly find quality and reliability in Wolf that is unheard of at this price point.

Pictures are nice, but they don’t do these scooters justice.  Come visit our Manatee Ave showroom and take a look at our models in stock to really appreciate the quality these scooters have to offer. Thanks for visiting!


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Our Price $899 Our Price $1149 Our Price $1199
Our Price $1299 Discontinued Our Price $1349

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